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Best Custom Computers Inc. is a home based and mobile retail store located in the Ridge-Meadows area. As the company name suggests, the company focuses on the sale of high-end personal computers (systems) that are custom assembled. If you require servicing or upgrading of your existing computer, this is also available.

The owner of Best Custom Computers, Keith Dymond, has been working in the computer industry for over 25 years, before the PC even evolved. Job titles he has held include Programmer, Technical Analyst, QA Project Manager, Network Administrator, Y2K Coordinator, Senior Systems Analyst, and Senior Information Services Technician. He is well versed in both software and hardware and specializes in all Windows based systems.
To him it is not just a job but a passion, with all this expertise he can always provide you with the best solution.

The vision of Best Custom Computer Inc. is to live up to its name and be recognized in the community as the best computer store for consistent quality built systems and diligent servicing of systems. Integrity and honesty with customers is imperative to Best Custom Computers Inc. You will be greeted in a courteous and friendly attitude at all times and customers’ suggestions and complaints will always be addressed.

A quote from the European Management Forum (Davos Symposium 1980) reads
“ No Enterprise is built with dreams and none without.”
The owner’s mission is motivated by this quote and interprets it that “You need ideas and entrepreneurial forethought to envision your business including dedication and productive work to make the business successful.”

12561 – 219th Street, Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 0V4

604-476-BEST (2378)

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