Plane Travel Experiences

Due to my father’s job after the age of ten I ended up living in Europe for over two decades. I was fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout Europe during those years and flew between Europe and North America as many times as my years there.

During those years when on long haul flights passengers would bide their time by reading, playing together various games like cards, talking to one another or watch the in flight movie for a two hour period on a ten hour flight. There would be maybe four screens placed throughout the plane that provided you could see one amongst all the heads and people walking up and down the aisles you could watch the movie. Notably, passengers’ overall interacted with one

My wife and I recently flew from Abbotsford B.C to Ottawa Ont. and I took particular note as to how the electronic age has changed passengers travel experiences. Prior to boarding and right up until take off, many people were talking on their cell phones, possibly making last minute arrival arrangements. Once airborne and the announcement is made that you are now permitted to use your electronic devices, human interaction quickly diminishes.

Many people would get out their iPod’s and MP3 players including the passenger to my right, turn up the volume, so all you hear from their ear buds is the high-pitched treble squeaks…groan! With a small LCD panel placed in the headrest in front of you another option is to watch one of several TV satellite stations or one of many movies for a nominal charge. Not a bad idea if you want to drown out your neighbor’s treble noise.

Even with your own TV and movie choices this is still not enough for today’s modern traveler. Others brought out their laptops or portable DVD players to watch specific movies or play various computer games. Amazingly enough some laptop users were actually using it for work related purposes! There were the odd few that chose to avoid modern electronics and read a book or took a nap but this really was a small percentage.

For myself during this flight, this was an opportunity for my wife and I to have good conversation without children, phone calls, or other daily interruptions.

Although I have worked in the high tech industry for over 25 years, now own a retail computer store that provides the public with many modern day electronics; I sometimes regret how the electronic age has slowly created a more introverted society. So next time you take a plane, train, or automobile shut down the electronic device and talk with your fellow travelers. Share some memorable stories with one another; discuss what occurred during your day, you might be pleasantly surprised that human interaction truly is a good source of entertainment!

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