Keeping Your System Cool

In a recent article I wrote, I discussed the fact that Personal Computers (PC’s) today run at very hot temperatures. I would like to re-iterate this and give a few more insights as to ways of combating this.

The most obvious is cooling fans. Cheaper cases that house your precious components unfortunately will sometimes skimp out on internal fans. Most cases have the ability to have additional fans added to them. I cannot stress enough that if your case has the potential to add them, this is a wise investment. A standard ATX case (tower) can usually accommodate three fans; in addition to the one built into the power supply. There would be a rear fan (below the power supply), a side case fan, and one on the front. When properly installed they draw cooler outside air into your system and exhaust hot air near the top of the

Contrary to popular belief removing “blanking plates” (the covers on the rear of your system that are removed to add additional hardware cards) and having an exposed hole does not decrease the internal temperature. It actually has the reverse affect and can increase the internal temperature. The design of the case and fans circulate the air correctly and having an open hole causes this flow to deteriorate.


There are various furniture designs the look great but were not designed by Computer Tech’s, as we love cool PC’s! Your PC is placed in a small area that is usually enclosed on three sides, only the front is exposed. This will reduced the airflow circulation, as there is little area for the system to draw in cooler air. If there is any way to modify this setup to permit more air around the unit do so.


To keep your system cool:


  • Blow away dust using compressed air. Accumulated dust seriously reduces your heat sinks and fans effectiveness. (Compressed air can $6.99+tax)
  • Bundle your cables with a tie or zap strap to make sure they don’t block airflow.
  • Add more fans!

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