The evolution of languages stems back centuries to many different origins. Throughout the globe there are a multitude of various languages and dialects. English has many words and phrases that differ even between English speaking nations Eh! Back in school if you were compelled to read Shakespeare most students, as myself, required “Cole’s Notes” just to decipher what it all meant. Perhaps the most famous three words uttered in literature, “Et tu, Brute?” (Even you Brutus?) in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, I find somewhat ironic. This English literary master’s greatest phrase is French.Humour

I recently learned that the most internationally know word is “taxi”, this is not due to our beloved Jim Ignatowski although give him a shot and he may have another viewpoint. Most professions have there own “lingo” but the one with much terminology that even I have to refer to a specialized dictionary now and again is computer jargon.

Most Computer Technicians (Techie’s, Geeks, Propeller Heads and other various terms we are called) talk in computer jargon to one another. This is not to prevent others from understanding our conversation; it simply evolved as other languages have, as the industry progressed. Adversely, years ago in the United Kingdom in the East London, a language known as “Cockney” evolved amongst criminals so the “Old Bill” (police) would not understand them.

Techie jargon I refer to as talking in TLA’s (three letter acronyms) as it seems most computer terms are these. In past and future articles if I use a TLA I will follow it with the full word. One of my personal favorites, although not a true TLA but a FLA (four…) is “GIGO” (garbage in, garbage out). This refers to programming, if garbage information (incorrectly written code) goes into the system, garbage information will come out. I enjoy this term because it can be used in non-computer related conversations. Give Jim Ignatowski his shot (GI) and then try to understand him (GO). Perhaps in time “Et tu, Brute?” will simply be (ETB)!

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