Digital Cameras

The holiday season is upon us and whether you are celebrating Christmas, Chanukah or one of many other religious holidays there is one gift that is common to all, the gift of sharing. Families, relatives, friends, and acquaintances will get together to share in the festivities. During these special times it also brings out the shutter bug amongst many. With digital cameras now in abundance and not having to worry if your film is going to run out, its click click click, so you may capture that special moment to share at a later date.Digital-Cameras

Even with modern technology of the digital camera there are a few points you should keep in mind so as not to be caught short. Unlike the predecessor of film cameras digital ones draw battery power like a small powerhouse, especially if you review your images on the LCD screen after they are captured. Remember to have an extra set of charged batteries at hand so you may continue to click click click. Whether your camera uses SD (secure digital) cards, compact flash, or memory sticks it is also an idea to have an extra one of those as well. I recently was at an event with my extra batteries but had forgotten to download my images from my camera the night before. Unfortunately my SD card was almost full and was then forced to delete some previous images so I could capture just a few shots of the current event. So being prudent with that extra card can help. When you eventually download your images from camera to computer you are now ready to shoot some more. However remember this so you are not kicking yourself later. Many of us accumulate vast amounts of images on our hard drives over a period of time. Then when you are least expecting it you become infected with some nasty virus or possibly your hard drive fails. Now you realize those one time baby photos could potentially be lost. With any data or image file remember to create a backup on another source other than your PC or laptop. The simplest method for backing up images is to “burn” (copy) them to a CD or DVD disc. Also the advantage of burning them to a DVD is you can then view them like a slide show on your television that is connected to a standalone DVD player.

I will not get into the logistics of this but you must use compatible disc and formats for this to work properly.Take many pictures so you may share your special moments with those around you.

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