Big Box Retailers

Why is it most people will go to the “Big Box” retailer to purchase electronics? Personally I’m not really sure but if I had to hazard a guess, it would be price. Big box retailers like Future Shop, Best Buy, London Drugs and other online companies like Dell, have massive advertising dollars to spend and can therefore bombard you with flyers, TV ads, radio, newspapers and other various sources. By the time you have read or heard “their” sales pitch it is difficult not to be influenced by this and consider them for your purchases. Please do not let me steer you incorrectly, I’m not saying their prices are not “good bargains” but to be aware of other issues. We can often match or even better the overall package that includes 2-years warranty.bigbox

Small businesses like mine, Best Custom Computers Inc. do not have deep pockets for all that advertising, so it is important that we make our customers extremely happy with their purchase and will consider us for future purchases and service.

One thing Best Custom Computers Inc. prides itself on is the quality of the personal computer systems we build and these are points to consider when making your PC purchase from us.

With all desktop systems we build the following parts are used:

Seagate hard drives are used (with a 5year manufacturer warranty)

Kingston RAM (lifetime manufacturer warranty)

ASUS, ABIT, Intel and Gigabyte motherboards (3year manufacturer warranty)

Viewsonic monitors (3year manufacturer warranty)

All other parts 1-2 year manufacturer warranty.

However consider this…every system we build we comes with a 2-year parts and labour (company) warranty. So if any part fails during the first 2 years you own your system Best Custom Computers will fix or replace the parts at no charge to the customer including all labour costs. Provided the components have not been abused or tampered with. And for as little as $75.00 or less (depending on total system cost), usually $50.00, we offer a 3rd year warranty. You may ask why the additional cost from 2 years warranty? Basically it covers our shipping costs. Yet when you buy a system from a big box it is very unusual for it to have more than a 1-year warranty and if you wish to push up to a 3-year warranty it often costs 15% or more of the total system cost. You cannot put a dollar sign on service!

Another point to consider is how long will it take to get it repaired? Once it is sold, do you take it back to the store to be fixed or somewhere else? Do you have to ship it somewhere and at you cost? Factor in the shipping time back and forth along with the time to fix it; this may be a while before you see it again. These are all points that should be considered. Also spending your dollars at a local business helps the your community grow.

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