Being A Good Tech

During my early days working in the computer technology field, after having been a programmer for various years I was a Technical Support Technician (Techie for short). In a nutshell this is someone who helps out others with their computer problems. The array of problems was vast, anything from software issues to hardware and peripherals like printers, modems etc.

In my opinion one of the most important aspects of being a good Techie (other than solving the problem at hand) is being able to talk to your customer in a language that he/she can understand. Peoples’ knowledge of computers varies widely and if you can quickly deduce their knowledge level then you are aware of how to explain the solution to them. However people also sometimes feel uneasy or even embarrassed if they do not know the subject at hand. Simply put, don’t feel that way! One should never expect to know everything. If I go into a hardware store to purchase some building materials, many times I seem to be explaining it more with my hands than words simply because I don’t know the terminology for the specific part I am after.Good-Tech

When managing staff one statement that would often precede a questions was “I have a stupid question….” I would always come back with “No question is stupid”, if you have not learned the issue at hand either by being taught, reading about it, seeing it on TV etc. then how are you meant to know the answer? Simply explain to your customer what they are trying to comprehend and sometimes with the assistance of using an analogy (similarity to something else) they will understand your explanation. On top of this, never make the person feel inferior or “stupid” just because they don’t know something. Remember they are asking for your advice and expertise and therefore are looking up to you for this information.

Here at Best Custom Computers we make sure, you the customer, will always feel at ease asking a question about your issue at hand. If this concept was carried out more in any customer service business more people would ask questions. Also it is a great feeling of satisfaction when you know you have helped the person and made them feel comfortable that they came to you.

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